2016 ECM Mission Trip to Costa Rica: Day 3 — Bishop & Babies!

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Blessings in the Grace of Easter Thursday, the fourth day of our making resurrection happen in our life, in our world … and our ECM students & Dazzling Deacon Cecily continue to serve, share, and grow in Spirit of Love in their ministry in Costa Rica. Today’s update from Carson Hanna.


With gratefulness, your servant in Christ,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+

Buenos tardes Father Paul y St. Thomas!

      Today was our fourth full day in Costa Rica, and our third day of work! We visited Hogar Escuela Episcopal in Heredia. On our trip to the school, Obispo (Bishop) and Sarah, took us on a tour through the neighborhood the school serves. This neighborhood consists mostly of Nicaraguan immigrants that attend Hogar Escuela Episcopal. We were struck by the  contrast between the shiny new mall down the hill, and the streets the children live on.
       When we arrived at the school, some of the young children playing outside came to wave hello! Once inside, we learned that 60% of the school was built my mission work trips like ours, and the other 40% was by paid professionals from Costa Rica. The president of Costa Rica gave them a grant to complete the school, and Obispo says that it was built on faith, they were never sure if they would raise the money to finish construction and fund the program. When the school first opened, there were less than 10 children in attendance, by day 40, there were 150. Today, there are 160 students regularly attending. Even though there is no air conditioning the openness of the building makes it feel cool and comfortable to the students.
     Before we began our work, we observed Kate, a YASC teacher who lives in the diocesan house, teach her class a new letter, the letter “H”! As our work began we were chipping paint on an outdoor wall, and a few of us began to tap up an empty classroom to re-paint. We put a fresh coat of blue paint on the outside wall, and completed the first layer of paint inside, tomorrow we add the second!
     Since tools were limited, a few of us decided to see if you could assist some teachers. The youngest class, 6 months to 1 year old, was having lunch, and we had the opportunity to help feed them! We had some fun playing peekaboo, and being extra hands for the teachers. Watching ‘los enfantes’ fall asleep in our arms was definitely a highlight of the day!
      After a wonderful lunch of enchiladas and fried plantains prepared by the staff, we departed Hogar Escuela Episcpal and headed to Britt, a coffee plant near by. We got to visit a butterfly garden on the property. A few of us tried to get butterflies to land on our fingers, but we’re very unsuccessful. We tried various flavors of coffee and chocolates, and purchased some yummy treats for our families back home, and some for our ride back to Zapote.  🙂
    We’re now back in the diocesan house, having some fellowship and resting. Something we really enjoy is playing with the puppies, Bisbo, Manchas y Stinky! Tomorrow we will be attending the same school, helping out with sports day! We appriciate your continued prayers as we continue our journey in Costa Rica! We agree we are helping them, just as much as they are helping us!
Attached are some pictures from today!
Abroazos y Besos,
Carson Hanna

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