2016 ECM Mission Trip to Costa Rica — Painting & Playing Power!

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Blessings to all in Easter Week! Here is the latest update with pictures of our ECM students with working hands & hearts at the school in Costa Rica as they are making resurrection happen in being the blessing of Christ, and being blessed by the same in the children, teachers & hosts. Thanks to Hannah for the latest news from sunny and warmer Costa Rica!


With gratefulness, in peace always,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+

Dear Father Paul & St. Thomas,

Hola! Day 3 in Costa Rica is complete, and today we wrapped up our work at the Escuela Hogar Episcopal.  We finished some painting jobs and disassembled a flowerless flower bed, giving the children some more color and space to play in their home away from home. We’ve discussed as a group that it’s been very satisfying to have sore muscles and paint-covered hands after a long day of work with such visible results. We also got to enjoy one of the teacher’s grateful smiles seeing her newly-painted classroom, and more of us played with some of the children today. As we tossed balls and shared smiles the language barriers diminished and it was not long before a class of students shared their English singing songs for us!

No need to worry about us being comfortable and well-fed. It’s Costa Rica’s “dry season” here, so we’ve been avoiding any rain, and the highest the temperature climbs is around 80 degrees, but always with a breeze. We’re fed beautifully-seasoned, generously-portioned meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we’re always surrounded by the good company of each other, the Bishop, or Sarah and Kate (our guides here).

I’ve attached some of the pictures we snapped today. Tomorrow we’re off to another school with similar-aged children, and I’m looking forward to be meeting some new people and serving a new community. Please continue to pray for us and especially for the people we’re serving, that we may know how to best support them and show them God’s love!

Abroazos y Besos (Hugs & Kisses),
Hannah Watts

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