2021 Annual Giving – October update

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Brothers and Sisters in Christ’s Love:

All Things in LoveWe want to welcome you to the St. Thomas’s Annual Giving campaign for 2021. The theme this year mirrors the theme for the Annual Convention – All Things in Love.

During the pandemic, our financial realities have been different from what we had projected, yet we have striven to share God’s Love. Our mission did not change, even if our way of providing All Things in Love might have.

  • We continued to serve UD students from Blue Hen Bounty.
  • We prepared meals for 640 homeless over 16 weeks.
  • We continue to prepare lunch for 50 at Hope Dining Room each month.
  • We provided 3 worship opportunities each week; Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.

Our hope for 2021 is that we will be able to continue to provide digital worship for those who cannot join us in person. We look to continue to serve those less fortunate, and expand those ministries.  We have approved and are preparing for the installation of solar panels to reduce costs. Our work, worship, mission and ministry are informed by God’s Love. 

We cannot go back to the way things were, but we can thrive as we move into the future.  Our ability to accomplish All Things in Love depends on your prayerful consideration of your financial commitment to our work.  We ask you to seek the places where you see God at work in Love, and see how your contribution can allow us to participate.   Your Love makes our Love possible. See the pledge card and some information which may help in your decision. Our Annual Giving campaign will officially end on Sunday, October 25, 2020, as we pray in thanksgiving for those pledges we have received by that time.

If the social distancing we have all experienced has taught us nothing else, it is that we need one another to be our best. Our parish and our community depend on our commitment to All Things in Love.

In Christ’s Love we ask,

The Rev. Howell Sasser – Rector, St. Thomas’s
Kristin Sausville – Stewardship Chair
Joy Lynam – Sr. Warden