Altar covering celebrating Black History month

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Altar Cloth for Black History Month This week, you can’t help but notice the beautiful piece of African cloth that is on the altar. Deacon Cecily acquired this piece of South African cotton in honor of Black History month. She specifically chose a green motif to go with our current liturgical season. Green is the standard color for“Ordinary Time,” the stretches of time between Easter and Christmas, and vice versa. It is meant to represent the anticipation and hope in the resurrection of Christ. Green symbolizes the hope and life of each new day. In traditional African kente cloth, green symbolizes spiritual renewal, and the maroon hue behind the green pattern on this cloth represents healing and caring for the earth. The tie-dyed cotton cloth is easy to care for and will last for years to come.

Altar Cloth details for Black History Month

If you have questions about what material you see on the altar, please ask a member of the Altar guild, or contact the office.Much care and consideration goes into dressing this special place in the church.