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On Wed., April 13, 2016, St. Thomas’s ECM-ers had a great time with the Lutheran Campus Ministry and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry. They came to chat with us some even before our Evening Prayer time, and it was so much fun to have a few new faces. It was a great turn out of the ECM regulars too, which made for all the more fun; we even filled three pews for evening prayer! We had a fantastic dinner and a wonderful UDairy dessert, and we all sat with someone new at our tables. Each table shared “God moments” or “New and Goods” with one another, which is when each person gets to share something positive from their week so that we can celebrate it as a group. We wrapped up a satisfying dinner and discussion and helped the LCM and PCM-ers make some Fleece-tie blankets that would be donated to foster children. Since this meeting was in the middle of the week, it was so nice to take a break for arts and crafts!

Feeling satisfied with the food and the company of one another, we made sure to invite the LCM and PCM-ers to come again if they ever felt so inclined, and they also invited us to their Tuesday dinner and Wednesday Bible Study if we ever felt the need. Tonight was another wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to attend a school and a congregation that places such importance on fostering relationships with other students, constantly challenging me to expand my social networks inside and outside the classroom!

– Hannah Watts

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