Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) picks apples and makes pies!

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Last Sun., Oct. 23, 2016, the Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) went apple picking at Milburn Orchards. after the 10:30 a.m. service.  On Wed., Oct. 26, 2016 during the weekly ECM get together time, they made pies from the apples they had picked. Carla deftly operated the apple corer / spiral slicer and Sarah cut the apples into bite size pieces. Colleen was the spice mix master and Alex was the crust man. Sally baked the pies while the ECM students participated in Evening Prayer. The students and guest extraordinaire Organist Marc Cheban enjoyed dinner together and pies for dessert! A lovely time was had by all.

Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) Sunday – Nov. 13

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Each year, in the Fall and Spring terms, we set aside one Sunday to recognize our Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) program and the students involved in leadership and service. This Fall, our ECM Sunday is Sunday, November 13, and on this day the students will serve as greeters, ushers, lectors, fellowship hosts, and preacher. This Fall, Colleen Murray will be our preacher at the 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship. Colleen has grown up amongst us over her 19 years, and it is a great grace to hear God’s word and work through her. Additionally, we are delighted to welcome home the Reverend Ann Urinoski as our guest celebrant at both services! Please join us in the grace we have to be such a vital partner with our university in this important way.

ECM Profile and Food Pantry

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Since the founding in 1842 of St. Thomas’s Parish, Newark, one principal focus has been our ministering to the faculty and students of the University of Delaware. Moving to our current location on South College Avenue in 1957, we have partnered with the diocese in supporting a Chaplain to this day. The Episcopal Campus Ministry [ECM] has been concerned about fellow students who are food insecure and cannot provide ample nutrition for themselves while paying for tuition, books, and other needs. The ECM students unanimously decided to establish a Food Pantry in the Fall of 2015. Bishop Wright donated the first gift in support to purchase food. Additional food has been donated through efforts of the ECM with the parishioners of St. Thomas’s. The pantry is open and food distributed every Wednesday during the school year from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

This summer the Episcopal Campus Ministry submitted a proposal to the Young Adult Campus Ministry in collaboration with the Lutherans and Presbyterians Campus Ministries to share worship, fellowship and service with a focus on issues of food insecurity. We were blessed to be a recipient, and our program “Together at the Table” begins in September 2016 with a culminating Oxfam American Hunger banquet in the Spring 2017. This is an interactive event between students, the parish, and university officials that brings hunger and poverty issues to life with the opportunity to serve these needs collaboratively and intentionally.
For several years the Episcopal (ECM), Lutheran, (LCM) and Presbyterian (PCM) Campus Ministries have shared a variety of experiences, including “Ashes to Go” on the main campus, Free Cookie Mondays in the Perkins Student Center, the Midnight Pancake program for students during exams, and making fleece blankets and distributing them to children in foster care.

The University of Delaware, through the Dean of Students office and faculty in Nutrition and Agriculture programs, are very interesting in collaborating with us to reach and support the many students who will benefit from the Campus Pantry. It is also possible, as the response grows in usage by students, that a partnership with the Food Bank of Delaware may become a supportive reality.

Grateful always, in peace,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+
Rector, St. Thomas’s Parish, Newark

Food Closet for food insecure UD students

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food itemsEpiscopal Campus Ministry hosts a food closet for UD students who are food insecure and cannot provide ample nutrition for themselves. Food insecure students may come to Episcopal Campus Ministry’s (ECM’s) food closet every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. at St. Thomas’s Parish located at 276 S. College Ave (directly across from UD’s Student Health).




garden fresh vegetablsECM has collected many donated food products including garden fresh vegetables that they share with those students in need. All that they ask is that students bring their student UD ID for verification as a UD student and then ECM students will share whatever amount of food fulfills their need.




student privately choosing foodIf you have any questions or cannot make the designated time and would like to set up an appointment, please contact Carson Hannah of ECM by email at channa@udel.edu, come to the Church at 276 S. College Ave., Newark, DE 19711 or call the Church at (302) 368-4644. Please help us spread the word!

Welcome back students – from our Bishop

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Welcome back students! Please see this week’s Bishop’s blog from The Rt. Rev. Wayne P. Wright, 10th Bishop of Delaware,  and see his welcoming comments and visits to Delaware’s two Episcopal schools. This Bishop offers the following prayer from the Book of Common Prayer:

O Eternal God, bless all schools, colleges, and universities, that they may be lively centers for sound learning, new discovery, and the pursuit of wisdom; and grant that those who teach and those who learn may find you to be the source of all truth; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer, page 824)

St. Thomas’s sends a special welcome to our Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) students. University of Delaware Classes start next week and ECM activities will begin shortly thereafter. Be sure to look for our ECM students in Church and extend your personal welcome.

ECM awarded a special program grant from the Episcopal Church

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We received fantastic news regarding our Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) at St. Thomas’s Parish. ECM has been awarded a special program grant from the Episcopal Church. See the July 6, 2016 announcement from the Episcopal Church. “These grants help the Episcopal Church live into an expanding understanding of what it means to be in ministry with young adults on and off college campuses,” said the Rev. Shannon Kelly, Episcopal Church Missioner of Young Adult and Campus Ministries.

The Rt. Rev. Wayne P. Wright, Episcopal Bishop of Delaware, Shared this good news in his July 20 weekly message saying “The grant will support an ecumenical feeding program on the University of Newark’s campus. Under the leadership of Deacon Cecily Sawyer Harmon members of our campus ministry identified the existing need. They developed a plan to address it in partnership with the Lutheran campus ministry. The grant will make this new outreach ministry possible. It is also an important recognition of the good work being done by our ECM.”

See more information, see Episcopal Campus Ministry (ECM) or contact the Reverend Deacon Cecily Sawyer-Harmon at St. Thomas’s via the Parish Office at (302) 368-4644 or use the Contact Us form on St. Thomas’s web site.

Campus Ministry Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Presbyterians

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On Wed., April 13, 2016, St. Thomas’s ECM-ers had a great time with the Lutheran Campus Ministry and the Presbyterian Campus Ministry. They came to chat with us some even before our Evening Prayer time, and it was so much fun to have a few new faces. It was a great turn out of the ECM regulars too, which made for all the more fun; we even filled three pews for evening prayer! We had a fantastic dinner and a wonderful UDairy dessert, and we all sat with someone new at our tables. Each table shared “God moments” or “New and Goods” with one another, which is when each person gets to share something positive from their week so that we can celebrate it as a group. We wrapped up a satisfying dinner and discussion and helped the LCM and PCM-ers make some Fleece-tie blankets that would be donated to foster children. Since this meeting was in the middle of the week, it was so nice to take a break for arts and crafts!

Feeling satisfied with the food and the company of one another, we made sure to invite the LCM and PCM-ers to come again if they ever felt so inclined, and they also invited us to their Tuesday dinner and Wednesday Bible Study if we ever felt the need. Tonight was another wonderful reminder of how blessed I am to attend a school and a congregation that places such importance on fostering relationships with other students, constantly challenging me to expand my social networks inside and outside the classroom!

– Hannah Watts

2016 ECM Mission Trip: Journey to Costa Rica — Last Days & Arriving Home Again!

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Blessings to all in Eastertide Grace! I heard from Deacon Cecily that she & the ECM Mission students are back in USA again safe, sound, and truly blessed by their experience & service in Costa Rica! Here is the last word …
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+


Dear Father Paul and the St. Thomas Community,

Hard to believe it’s our last day and it ended with an amazing view. We went to the Poas Volcano National Park, where we viewed the most acidic lake in a volcanic crater.

as well as a lagoon of collected rainwater. It was a physical challenge but the view was worth it.

We concluded our volcano adventure with a taste of the local strawberries and lunch.

I’m sending this email over our last dinner here. While we were eating, the power went out in a small part of San Jose. The restaurant carried on business as usual. I guess that’s what it means to live “pura vida”! Alex even called it “the full Costa Rica experience”. 🙂

We’re on our way to Newark, NJ and eventually DE. Thank you so much for helping us get here and we’ll see you soon!

Pura Vida!
Matanda Mondoa

2016 ECM Mission Trip to Costa Rica: Day 4&5 — Work, work, work … ahhhh, REST & RESTORATION :-D

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Blessings in the Grace of the Easter Saturday! To think we were waiting in the screaming silence of Holy Saturday at the tomb of Jesus, and then …. RESURRECTION HAPPENS! This is exactly what the missals from our ECM students & Deacon Cecily have sounded like. There are more pictures to come, so stay tuned for their return … and pray for safe travel back to us over the night tonight into tomorrow morning!


With gratefulness, your servant in Christ,




Dear Father Paul and the St. Thomas Community,
Our final day of work has been completed and it went quickly. Yesterday, we helped the Hogar Escuela in Heredia by painting one of the classrooms, a jungle gym in the playground, and entertaining the kids during their sports day. It was an emotional day; on the one hand, we completed all the jobs we set out to do. But on the other, we had to say goodbye to all the people and children we bonded with the past few days. The children gave us thank you cards before we left, which was a great reminder of the lives we touched.


Bishop Héctor did a Eucharist mass when we got back to the Diocesan home. He preached about how he was elected and how our work and the church is similar to surfing. Coming across the right opportunities to help the most people is like catching the perfect wave. We came to Costa Rica at the right time and my hope is that we can apply this to many other locations, including Delaware. He gave us handcrafted cross pendants to remember our time here.


We concluded our day with an energizing dance lesson, learning various Costa Rican and popular techniques from the bachata to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We’ve got a talented bunch out here! It was a lot of fun and gave us some much needed R&R. Today we went to the beach in Manuel Antonio. It was a long drive (3 1/2 hours!) but it was worth it.

Our prayers are with you, especially during our last day here in Costa Rica. Here’s to living “pura vida”! 🙂

Matanda Mondoa
PS – I’ve attached a few photos here and I’m compiling more to put on a website by the time we get back.

2016 ECM Mission Trip to Costa Rica: Day 3 — Bishop & Babies!

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Blessings in the Grace of Easter Thursday, the fourth day of our making resurrection happen in our life, in our world … and our ECM students & Dazzling Deacon Cecily continue to serve, share, and grow in Spirit of Love in their ministry in Costa Rica. Today’s update from Carson Hanna.


With gratefulness, your servant in Christ,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+

Buenos tardes Father Paul y St. Thomas!

      Today was our fourth full day in Costa Rica, and our third day of work! We visited Hogar Escuela Episcopal in Heredia. On our trip to the school, Obispo (Bishop) and Sarah, took us on a tour through the neighborhood the school serves. This neighborhood consists mostly of Nicaraguan immigrants that attend Hogar Escuela Episcopal. We were struck by the  contrast between the shiny new mall down the hill, and the streets the children live on.
       When we arrived at the school, some of the young children playing outside came to wave hello! Once inside, we learned that 60% of the school was built my mission work trips like ours, and the other 40% was by paid professionals from Costa Rica. The president of Costa Rica gave them a grant to complete the school, and Obispo says that it was built on faith, they were never sure if they would raise the money to finish construction and fund the program. When the school first opened, there were less than 10 children in attendance, by day 40, there were 150. Today, there are 160 students regularly attending. Even though there is no air conditioning the openness of the building makes it feel cool and comfortable to the students.
     Before we began our work, we observed Kate, a YASC teacher who lives in the diocesan house, teach her class a new letter, the letter “H”! As our work began we were chipping paint on an outdoor wall, and a few of us began to tap up an empty classroom to re-paint. We put a fresh coat of blue paint on the outside wall, and completed the first layer of paint inside, tomorrow we add the second!
     Since tools were limited, a few of us decided to see if you could assist some teachers. The youngest class, 6 months to 1 year old, was having lunch, and we had the opportunity to help feed them! We had some fun playing peekaboo, and being extra hands for the teachers. Watching ‘los enfantes’ fall asleep in our arms was definitely a highlight of the day!
      After a wonderful lunch of enchiladas and fried plantains prepared by the staff, we departed Hogar Escuela Episcpal and headed to Britt, a coffee plant near by. We got to visit a butterfly garden on the property. A few of us tried to get butterflies to land on our fingers, but we’re very unsuccessful. We tried various flavors of coffee and chocolates, and purchased some yummy treats for our families back home, and some for our ride back to Zapote.  🙂
    We’re now back in the diocesan house, having some fellowship and resting. Something we really enjoy is playing with the puppies, Bisbo, Manchas y Stinky! Tomorrow we will be attending the same school, helping out with sports day! We appriciate your continued prayers as we continue our journey in Costa Rica! We agree we are helping them, just as much as they are helping us!
Attached are some pictures from today!
Abroazos y Besos,
Carson Hanna