Adult Education for June

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Adult Ed will continue on Sunday mornings through the month of June. This is to enable the completion of the DVD series “AD”. There are 2 episodes remaining which will take 4 weeks to finish. (One half episode each Sunday.) There should be time for discussion after each viewing.

The Video will begin at 9:15 AM in the parlor. So, get a cup of coffee from the kitchen and come. The story’s setting is the time period of The Book of Acts. It is a worthwhile presentation even if you did not see any of it before.

The Carpenter Newsletter – Summer Edition

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Greetings St. Thomas’s Family,

See The Carpenter – Summer 2016 Edition, covering June, July & August. Please take a few minutes and read about summer activities at St. Thomas’s as well as some looking forward to the fall. Remember St. Thomas’s Mission and ask yourself how you can be part of fulfilling our mission. I hope you all have a blessed summer.
Sue Houghton

St. Thomas’s Mission
Nourished at Christ’s table and
stepping forward in faith,
we are instruments of God’s love,
serving our parish family,
the University of Delaware,
our community, and
God’s creation.

Hail to the Class of 2016 – send your info

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HAIL TO THE CLASS OF 2016 – This time of the year is a wonderful time of celebrating the accomplishments of many of our parish in completion of their academic work. We would like to honor them! Please send the name of your graduate [high school, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or special degree programs] to parish administrator Cami Seward on or before May 29. You can send the information by e-mail, The graduates will be honored in the June issue of The Carpenter and each Sunday in the Carpenter’s Helper for the month of June.

Cami Seward
St. Thomas’s Parish
276 South College Ave.
Newark, Delaware 19711

Father Paul’s Sabbatical – June 20 to July 31, 2016

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“And away we go …”

Happenings & Changings during Fr. Paul’s Sabbatical Part 2

As with any change, even as temporary as a 6 week sabbatical, there is MUCH to be planned,
prepared, and put in place before leaving for my shorter sabbatical journey from June 20 to
July 31, 2016. The following are some of the who, what, when, where and why during my time

• The Reverend Emily Gibson, along with Deacon Cecily Sawyer Harmon, will be in care
and leadership of our Sunday worship, be present for pastoral support and care as
needed, and work with Vestry and other leaders of the parish to continue the process
she began last year of visioning and considering where we have been, where we are
now, and where we are being called in the future. Emily will lead ALL our worship
services in my absence including the 5:30 p.m. Inclusive Language Liturgy and Holy

• The Wardens and Vestry are, as in our by-laws, the responsible body of leadership in the
absence of the Rector. Any concerns or needs, pastoral or temporal, should be addressed
through the Wardens or other Vestry leaders. You should contact Parish Administrator
Cami Seward during the weekday office hours with your needs for information or contact
for care needs, or the Wardens on weekends. Contact Emily and/or Cecily ONLY in needs
of pastoral emergency.

• Jesus reminds us “the poor will always be with you.” The needs of those who come to
St. Thomas’s during the week for a little help with food or a tank of gas to get to their
work continues while I am away. Cami Seward will continue our ministry to those who
need a little hand-up, not hand-out, during any given week. PLEASE continue your
generosity during this time by leaving grocery, restaurant, and gas gift cards with her.

• The Bible Study groups that meet Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. in the Parlor and
Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. in the Great Hall classroom will prayerfully discern if they will
continue or take Sabbath time as well. Stay tuned for the decision in the next issue of
The Carpenter.

• Included in the summer edition of The Carpenter will be the Sabbatical Prayer
Calendar, a cycle of prayer through the ENTIRE parish family as listed in the parish
directory. Each day I will be praying for YOU, your families, your needs, your hopes, and
our life together now and ahead.

Any last things needed in this sabbatical I time will be addressed in the next issue of The
Carpenter. I again know all will be well, handled prayerfully and carefully by the clergy, staff,
Wardens and Vestry, and EVERYONE of this parish family. TOGETHER we will go and grow
together, and return renewed, refreshed, and ready for “oh, the places we will go” in our

With deep gratefulness, Fr. Paul+

For Travelers

O God, our heavenly Father, whose glory fills the whole creation, and whose presence we
find wherever we go: Preserve those who travel, in particular Fr. Paul; surround him with
your loving care; protect him from every danger; and bring him in safety to their journey’s
end; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Carpenter Helper – see this week’s news

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See this week’s Carpenter Helper at and see all news at


POT LUCK DINNER & SING-A-LONG – Join us for an evening of supper and songs. Jerry Schultz and friends will be leading us in Civil War era favorites, mostly by Stephen Foster (1826 – 1864). Lyrics will be provided. Bring your favorite dish to share and be ready to sing-a-long or just enjoy the music and the good company. Saturday, April 30, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Great Hall. For more information contact Jerry Schultz at

Cami Seward
St. Thomas’s Parish
276 South College Ave.
Newark, Delaware 19711

Carpenter’s Helper for this week & Sat. work day

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See this week’s Carpenter’s Helper and see all news.

WELCOME HOME AGAIN TODAY, April 24, we are delighted to welcome back home to our parish family the Reverend Deacon Ann Urinoski. Ann was a rising senior at St. Thomas’s in 2008 at the University of Delaware and president of ECM. After graduation, her journey of God has led her to serve a one year missionary term for Young Adult Service Corp in South Africa,and on return she entered the process for postulancy for Holy Orders in the Diocese of New Jersey. On affirmation of this call, she entered.The General Theological Seminary in New York City, where she will graduate in May. Ann was ordained deacon in December, 2015, and will be ordained priest in the Church in June. Ann will preach at our 8:00 a.m.& 10:30 a.m. worship. Please welcome Ann again this day, and pray for her ministry and calling to serve the Church in her life ahead.

ST. THOMAS’S WORK PARTY on Sat., April 23 the Property Ministry will be hosting a work party beginning at 9:00 a.m. Signup on the Great Hall door or just show up. Contact Barry Gregg at 302-521-4209 or with questions.