Pledges due to St. Thomas’s this Sunday., Nov. 27

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Dear Parish Family,

I am sitting here counting all the blessings of being involved with St. Thomas’s Parish. I am sure you can all think of a few. As I am reading my e-mails, doing laundry and baking sweet potatoes for tomorrow I just reviewed the latest results from our Stewardship campaign. To date we have 65 families who have pledged a total of $167k. While I am extremely grateful for those who have turned in their pledges, this is only a bit more than half of the number of pledged we expect. Our stewardship team has done a wonderful job this year, but without each of you actually turning in your pledge we cannot plan for our budget.

Last year you may remember that the vestry “begged” for additional support going into January. We are not going to do that this year. We will base our budget on pledges received by Dec. 4th.

Please take the time to deliver your pledge to St. Thomas’s by this Sunday. This will free your stewardship and vestry team to focus on our budget instead of calling those who have not turned in their pledge. At the December 18th vestry meeting we must vote on salary considerations and our goal is to vote on our full budget.

If you have not turned in your pledge, please do not put this on your “After the Holidays -To Do List”. Make it a Thanksgiving offering.

Thank you in advance, and have a blessed / thankful Thanksgiving.

Sue Houghton
Senior Warden

Note – pledge forms were mailed home or are available online


This Sunday is Commitment Sunday at St. Thomas’s

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This is a reminder that this Sunday, November 20, is Commitment Sunday at St. Thomas’s where Reverend Paul blesses our pledges of time, talent and treasure. As you are aware, the Vestry and the Stewardship Ministry have set a goal for 2017 of a 10% increase in the number of pledges and the pledge total to further our various ministries and address upcoming Grove and Church building needs. Please take a moment to complete your pledge and bring it with you to Sunday’s service. You can deposit your pledge either in the Pledge Box at the entrance to the Church or place it in the offering. Thanks for your pledge consideration.

Rich Wadman

Cottage Meetings

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The Stewardship committee would like to invite you to share in food, fun and fellowship with your St. Thomas’s family at one of our Cottage meetings being held during the month of October. Share your thoughts of Vision and Stewardship at St. Thomas’s. There will be signup sheets at church on Sunday for you to sign up or you are welcome to send an email to: Rich Wadman , Mike Grawboski, or DJ Ferguson with the event you would like to attend. Space is limited to ensure enjoyment for all.

The Cottage meetings are as follows:

Friday, October 7th 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Dessert Special
Hosted by Mike & Judy Grabowski
106 Glen Avon Ct., Newark DE 19702
Signed up at of 9/30 (1)

Sunday, October 16th 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Dinner & Fire Pit – BYOB
Hosted by Laura & Jon Greene
94 West Mill Station Dr., Newark, DE 19711
Signed up as of 9/30 (3)

Thursday, October 20th Noon
Hosted by Sue Houghton
1206 Virginia Ave., Newark, DE 19711
Signed up at of 9/30 (0)

Saturday, October 22nd 7:00pm
Games & Heavy Snacks
Hosted Devon Miller-Duggan & Larry Duggan
213 Syphard Dr., Newark, DE
Signed up as of 9/30 (0)

Saturday, October 29th 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Hosted by Fr. Paul & Marilyn Gennett
413 Terra Dr., Newark, DE 19702
Signed up as of 9/30 (5)

Sunday, October 30th 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Hosted by Rich & Jean Wadman
St. Thomas’s Parish Hall
Signed up as of 9/30 (5)

With you or Without you … Can we count on you?

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Our annual Stewardship Campaign is a vitally important act of faithfulness that allows our vestry to shape our ministries and outreach for the coming year and to ensure that our building and grounds are safe, comfortable and well maintained while continuing to live within our means.

In the next few weeks, take a moment and imagine what our parish would be like without your support. We are an incredibly dynamic parish committed to diverse ministries that touch each of us and the Community of Newark. They range from our weekly programs and vibrant worship to Episcopal Campus Ministry, Hope Dining Room, Code Purple winter homeless sanctuary ecumenical program, the children’s Lights Choir, and many outside groups who use our space such as AIDS Delaware test site, the Scottish and University of Delaware dancers, and many Twelve Step groups for recovery from addiction.

Don’t assume that all contributions of time, talent and treasure will be made by the parishioner that worships next to you. Without you what ministries might be limited or dropped? Without you what maintenance around our spiritual home might not get completed? Without you our commitment to the Diocese could diminish after they have so generously supported us with the purchase of The Grove. Imagine St. Thomas’ without your support… Can we count on you?

Yet what great things could we accomplish if our Stewardship goals are exceeded! With you we could begin a much needed replacement of the roof in the Sanctuary. With you we could contribute our full share to the support of our Diocese. With you we could renew our commitment to seminarians for future church leadership, missionaries like Alejandra Garcia Gonzalez, and youth at Camp Arrowhead. With you innovative new ministries could be started. Imagine St. Thomas’ with your support…… Can we count on you?

In the next few weeks please decide how you are called to support the work God envisions for our parish in this time by making your commitment on or before Stewardship Sunday, December 6.

Michael Grabowski & Lisa Swain, Stewardship Co-chairs