Children’s ministries at home for March 22, 2022

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Hello Everyone,

I pray you are all doing well on this somewhat cloudy but promising Saturday, March 21, 2022. And, I pray you know you are in my thoughts and prayers each day. In this uncertain time, there are still wonderful things happening. For example, the Quinones family (AKA the family of Ms. Tori and “little lucas”) welcomed a new member, Noah Michael, this week.

As you know, we will not be meeting at St Thomas’s tomorrow for Sunday School due to COVID-19. However, here are some lessons, stories and activities that would have been the basis of our work and worship in each of the classrooms this weekend:

I encourage you to try a few of the activities with your children, depending on their age or interest. Here is link to a video of the Jesus and Zaccheus story. I chose this one because it conveys the message that I hope “our children” would get from the story.

I hope to see you all soon. Please let me know if and how I can be of service to you in the meantime.

Belinda Young-Payne, Children’s Ministries