CREW news for December 15, 2020

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CREW (“Christians Ready, Equipped, and Willing” – youth in grades 7 through 12) met Sunday,  December 15, 2019 at noon in the Undercroft. They had a light lunch and then completed some Advent activities.  

Here are a few other update for CREW participants.

Please return any registration forms you have not returned.

Please remember friends are invited to all CREW activities.

All of St Thomas’s has been invited to attend Faith and Family Day at the UD Basketball game on January 12, 2020. CREW will be attending as our meeting that day. Friends and family are invited to attend as well.  Please let us know via email or the sign up sheet on the Great Hall door as soon as you can if you plan to attend as well. Advance ticket prices will be depend on the size of our group.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Belinda, Children’s Minister