How you are doing? Do you need anything? How can we pray for you?

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St. Thomas’s family,

Father Howie has heard of other churches who are responding to the current public health crisis with a blanket check-in with parishioners.  Clergy and members of the Vestry have divided up the telephone directory and are calling everyone to ask a few simple questions:

How are you doing?
Do you need anything?
How can I/we pray for you?

This seems like an excellent way to maintain some sense of community when a church can’t meet.

Peace – and be well


From the Vestry – Over half of you have already received phone calls from a Vestry member, Fr. Howie, or Deacon Cecily and calling is still in progress. If you need help and/or prayer, please call the St. Thomas’s Parish office at (302) 368-4644. Peace, Joy Lynam / Senior Warden