Ladies’ Night OUT invitation

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Good morning ladies of St Thomas!  Thank you for all of your replies regarding our gathering this month.  Based on your feedback, we will plan to gather on the front lawn (just like June).  In the event that it is over 85 degrees, or rainy, etc., I will email you no later than Tuesday morning with a ZOOM invitation.

ALL ladies are Welcome to join in the fun!  Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 6 p.m.⁠

Bring your own drinks, snacks, bug spray, fan, and lawn chair/blanket⁠

Please bring your mask for those moments when we can’t stand to stay more than 6 feet apart.⁠

I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your beautiful faces next Tuesday!

Kind Regards,
Cana Hartman, Parish Administrator or (302) 368-4644