Outreach update for October 2020

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 Hope Dining Room is going well on the third Monday of every month. Our first lunch was the 3rd Monday of August and we gave out 35 meals. For our lunch in September, we made 50 meals and gave out 47 and took 3  left-over meals to the Empowerment Center. We had 3 volunteers from St. Thomas’s and 3 from St. Nicholas, including one who picks and prepares veggies from their Community Garden. Our next lunch will be served on October 19, 2020. If you are free that day at lunchtime, we’d LOVE to hear from you!.

We are still doing” grab and go lunches”, served from a table outside. Social distancing is observed and masks are required. 

Hope Dining Room is thinking about Christmas bags, which they distribute to all comers who show up,  the Friday before Christmas. They fill the bags with socks, a small flashlight, a mask, hand sanitizer, a knit hat, small hotel-sized toiletries and cookies. 

They do 10-15 bags for children and fill them with a coloring book, crayons, a small toy, mittens, child-sized hat and mask and cookies. They fix about 70 bags for men and 30 for women. If you would like to donate any of these items, there will be a box outside the office in early December, so start gathering.          

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Madeline Johnson <mad1240@comcast.net>