The Passion to the Glory – Holy Week at St. Thomas’s Parish

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Blessings of Grace to all, into our Holy Week yet again, yet new to be renewed. I have attached two items for your journey into Holy Week.

The Journey of Holy Week provides descriptions of our worship pattern and experiences offered at St. Thomas’s. The schedule for each day is on the last page of the booklet. I invite you to participate in as much of te mystery & majesty that unfolds through Holy Week. If life & work schedules preclude your participation, use this as your daily prayer walk along this most holy week of our faith life.

The April Clergy Corner article continues my journey in reflection of the “fruits of the Spirit” as illuminated by St. Paul in his Letter to the Galatians.

May you be filled in the power and glory through the Cross of Good Friday into the empty tomb of Easter Day. May you walk with us, or on your own, the Path of Christ’s glory that you may find the true power that is life, life everlasting!

Grateful to all, your servant in Christ,
Fr. Paul Gennett, Jr.+