Pledges due to St. Thomas’s this Sunday., Nov. 27

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Dear Parish Family,

I am sitting here counting all the blessings of being involved with St. Thomas’s Parish. I am sure you can all think of a few. As I am reading my e-mails, doing laundry and baking sweet potatoes for tomorrow I just reviewed the latest results from our Stewardship campaign. To date we have 65 families who have pledged a total of $167k. While I am extremely grateful for those who have turned in their pledges, this is only a bit more than half of the number of pledged we expect. Our stewardship team has done a wonderful job this year, but without each of you actually turning in your pledge we cannot plan for our budget.

Last year you may remember that the vestry “begged” for additional support going into January. We are not going to do that this year. We will base our budget on pledges received by Dec. 4th.

Please take the time to deliver your pledge to St. Thomas’s by this Sunday. This will free your stewardship and vestry team to focus on our budget instead of calling those who have not turned in their pledge. At the December 18th vestry meeting we must vote on salary considerations and our goal is to vote on our full budget.

If you have not turned in your pledge, please do not put this on your “After the Holidays -To Do List”. Make it a Thanksgiving offering.

Thank you in advance, and have a blessed / thankful Thanksgiving.

Sue Houghton
Senior Warden

Note – pledge forms were mailed home or are available online