With you or Without you … Can we count on you?

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Our annual Stewardship Campaign is a vitally important act of faithfulness that allows our vestry to shape our ministries and outreach for the coming year and to ensure that our building and grounds are safe, comfortable and well maintained while continuing to live within our means.

In the next few weeks, take a moment and imagine what our parish would be like without your support. We are an incredibly dynamic parish committed to diverse ministries that touch each of us and the Community of Newark. They range from our weekly programs and vibrant worship to Episcopal Campus Ministry, Hope Dining Room, Code Purple winter homeless sanctuary ecumenical program, the children’s Lights Choir, and many outside groups who use our space such as AIDS Delaware test site, the Scottish and University of Delaware dancers, and many Twelve Step groups for recovery from addiction.

Don’t assume that all contributions of time, talent and treasure will be made by the parishioner that worships next to you. Without you what ministries might be limited or dropped? Without you what maintenance around our spiritual home might not get completed? Without you our commitment to the Diocese could diminish after they have so generously supported us with the purchase of The Grove. Imagine St. Thomas’ without your support… Can we count on you?

Yet what great things could we accomplish if our Stewardship goals are exceeded! With you we could begin a much needed replacement of the roof in the Sanctuary. With you we could contribute our full share to the support of our Diocese. With you we could renew our commitment to seminarians for future church leadership, missionaries like Alejandra Garcia Gonzalez, and youth at Camp Arrowhead. With you innovative new ministries could be started. Imagine St. Thomas’ with your support…… Can we count on you?

In the next few weeks please decide how you are called to support the work God envisions for our parish in this time by making your commitment on or before Stewardship Sunday, December 6.

Michael Grabowski & Lisa Swain, Stewardship Co-chairs

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