Remaking our Altar hangings

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The Altar Guild is embarking on a HUGE and WONDROUS project. You may have noticed that our altar hangings and other paraments are really showing their age. Sad, but true. Some are in shreds. In the tradition of the many who have made our vestments, both clergy and church, we are going to remake them.To this end, we need many people who can do invisible hand hemming.


Invisible – you can’t see it on the right side.

Hand – done with a needle and thread with your hands. No sewing machines will be involved. Don’t even ask.

Hemming – In this case defined as ¼ inch stitches with perfect tension.

Before you say that you can’t possibly do this, think. Ever hemmed a skirt, trousers, or dress? Ever done any needlepoint, cross stitch, or embroidery? You have the skill!

If you will be kind and generous and volunteer to help, we will teach you anything you need to know to do this work. Get in touch with Sally Price, our head of Altar Guild, at or Martha Holyoke, aka The Vestment Lady, at

We cannot promise you’ll be a famous movie star. But you could have fun with the group, do useful work, and know that you were a part of making our church beautiful before God.