Sermon for the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

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That’s not fair!!! The echo of our childhood ways when we believed that anything done any other way than what we wanted was done against me! That’s not fair!!! Gratefully we enter our adult years and, as St. Paul commends, “out of our childish ways,” we do not embrace this personal affront any longer … well, not that often … okay, perhaps sometimes but not all the time!

That’s not fair!!! It seems this hue and cry is embraced at this time of year by many young and old as we cheer our favorite college and professional football teams. It seems that no matter what the “zebras” do, it is never right, not for MY TEAM anyhow.

That’s not fair!!! We seem to be in a time and cycle of life where not taking responsibility for OUR actions, or inactions, is the predominant behavior du jour. When “That’s not fair” is my favorite fight song, then EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING that is done is done against me.

That’s not fair!!! In our faith journey with Jesus, we know what Jesus would do in response to the inequalities of life on life’s terms. So the question of Jesus to us this day … what will you do about it with me?

That’s not fair!!! This is not a new fight song. It is as old as our journey of faith since the beginning!

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