Sermon for Theological Education Sunday, February 5

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The Episcopal Church designates the first Sunday of February as Theological Education Sunday. It is intended to invite our prayers and support for those who follow God’s call into the ordained life, as well as those who exercise their call in ministry through Holy Baptism.

This year, Father Paul invited Francie Thayer as our preacher this day. Francie is the director of The Retreat Center at Hillsboro in Hillsboro MD. The Retreat Center is a ministry of the Diocese of Easton. Formerly St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, this property has been resurrected as a retreat center where people can come for quiet, reflection, prayer, study, overnight retreat, and spiritual direction. All groups and denominations are welcomed. Francie is married to Peter Thayer, Head of School at St. Anne’s, and a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theological Studies. She firmly believes and seeks to live out her baptismal vows as her ordination in the priesthood of all believers.

Francine has shared her Sermon for Theological Education Sunday. “What are the bushel baskets in your life that keep you from being the light of the world? that keep you from letting your light shine?” You are invited and encouraged to read the sermon in its entirety.

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