Sermon for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost – October 22, 2017

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Show me the money!! I am guessing most everyone born before 2000 is familiar with this famous line. Of course, it is from that classic event of our time – the annual stewardship campaign! Not really, although some campaigns have taken on this strident slogan much too often for my experience of ministry.

Show me the money is actually the classic and most often quoted line from the movie Jerry McGuire featuring Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Zellwegger, and other notable stars of the day. The premise of this movie was about a hot-shot sports agent who falls from favor in a larger agency and loses his job. He presses on independently, striving to represent Gooding Jr. who is about to enter the free agent market. He meets Zellwegger and her young son, falls in love and finds his anchor of humanity and morality again. The “gods” they chase and worship are, of course, football. Well, some things just do not change all that much it seems.

Show me the money!! In Matthew’s Gospel, the controversy conversations between Jesus and the Pharisees continue around the issue of living in the world and being faithful to God’s Word and work in the world as well. As I prayed these words, I was reminded of another movie Pay It Forward. A lovely movie about a young boy who took on a teacher’s challenge by helping one person, and then requesting that the person pay it forward by helping at least three other people.

It seems to me that for God and Christ Jesus, our faithful living calls us to live out the mind and heart of show me the faith … show all the Love!

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